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We Value Education!

The Great Lakes Bay College & Career Resource Center was established in 2007 by community leaders and the Bay Area Community Foundation to help local students and community residents pursue post-secondary education.
The mission of the Great Lakes Bay College & Career Resource Center is to provide, guidance, technology and funding for students who seek a college education.
The vision of the Great Lakes Bay College & Career Resource Center is to develop a more effective workforce and prepare students to become life-long learners and leaders in our community.
Post-secondary education benefits the person, the area's business economy and the quality of life for all of our communities' citizens.

Programs of the Great Lakes Bay College & Career Resource Center Help Students Succeed!

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The College & Career Resource Center is an easy-to-access, free resource for all area studnets and their families. With resource materials and expert guidance, we help students say, "I Can!" to college — and then help them navigate through the college application process and find funding for education.
Full-time program staff and trained volunteers provide coordinated programs, services, and resources that lower the barriers that often prevent students from continuing their education. Working together through structured collaboration, College Prep Service Officers in each school district, Bay Area Community Foundation staff, and admissions and financial aid offers at colleges and universities actively assist students in preparing to apply to college, complete college applications, and successfullly transition from high school to college.
The Great Lakes Bay College & Career Resource Center is conveniently located in downtown Bay City in the restored Pere Marquette Depot. The center is open outside of normal school hours and is accessible by public transportation.
To dramatically increase college participation and completion rates so that Bay and Arenac County students are the highly educated workers today's employers are seeking — and to build and sustain a strong local community and a vibrant economy.
Our collaboration with local colleges and universities means students stay in college and earn their degrees!